Birth Date: December 14, 2018

Sex: Male

Coat: Shorthair, brown speckled

Highlight: Super snuggler!

Likes: Birdwatching out the window or on the TV, eating, playing with cats, dogs and wand toys

Dislikes: None

Adoption Fee: $80

Hey there, my name is Stoker.

The Furever Friends volunteers think I wandered into town from a farm. Well, let me tell bet I did! You see, the cute cats and small kittens get more attention on the farm. Once I grew up I didn't get nearly enough pets and head scratches. So, I gathered my courage and stepped out on my own. Headed towards town in search of a Furever Friends volunteer to whisk me into rescue cat life! I found one of those humane traps with yummy food and spotted the volunteers watching me, so I walked right in! I just knew it would be the rescue and I have no regrets!

My foster family calls me "lover boy" and a "noodle cat", it's because I'm so docile. I like other cats, but I love Love LOVE humans! I'll turn into a noodle when you hold me. I'll join you on the couch and flop down on your lap with little concern for how I land. I'm happiest when you rub my face and cheeks, scratch my head and under my chin and collar.


Although I may be vocal to get your attention at times…petting me is good for your health, so really I'm just concerned about your well being. Petting me lowers your blood pressure AND releases a relaxation hormone AND reduces stress! So, if I'm vocal sometimes, it's only because I love you and want you to experience these health benefits every single day. Maybe even several times a day! Oh, and my purr relaxes you, too. Some people even play cat purr sounds on their phone to help them relax before sleeping. You can just adopt me and you won't need the phone for that anymore.

Stoker is fully vetted and available for adoption.