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Birth Date: August 22, 2022

Sex: Male

Coat: Shorthair, orange and white

Highlight: Adorable!

Likes: Cats, kids, cat friendly dogs, cozy beds, tube treats, purring

Dislikes: Being alone

Adoption Fee: $100

Hey BABE … I’m Styx! 

Are you feeling like life’s been a bit stale lately?  Do you think to yourself I have TOO MUCH TIME ON MY HANDS?  Well, you’re NOT DEAD YET because Styx is here to LIGHT UP your world.


WHY ME you say?  Well stop FOOLING YOURSELF… you don’t need a CRYSTAL BALL to tell you that you need a handsome lil’ RENEGADE in your life. Just look at me and try to tell yourself it’s not LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT.


My rescue story starts when I was just a little MAN IN THE WILDERNESS of Altona.  I thought well I'M OKAY, I was BORN FOR ADVENTURE, so EVERYTHING IS COOL.  NOTHING EVER GOES AS PLANNED though and it only took A DAY for me to realize I was cold, tired, hungry, and I wanted to JUST GET THROUGH THIS NIGHT. I was just thinking nothing could be AS BAD AS THIS when I got swooped up and THIS OLD MAN took me on a MIDNIGHT RIDE to jail. 


It was my FIRST TIME getting locked up, so I didn’t know what to expect. This place definitely wasn’t PARADISE. It had food and a cozy bed, but I was a LONELY CHILD on BORROWED TIME. Then a friendly Furever Friends volunteer LADY showed up to get the laundry. I cried to her to let me out … I’d never be free without her help. She PUT ME ON her lap and told me 'NEVER SAY NEVER'.  I got to SAIL AWAY back to her place and now I know being a house cat is the BEST THING.  


I have food, shelter, toys and even some kitten friends to play with. I’m HAVIN' A BALL and all I have to do is JUST BE my adorable self. Well, I did have to learn to use the litter box but it didn’t take me long to do that the RIGHT WAY. I was just thinking that these were THE BEST OF TIMES when my foster mom tells me I’m up for THE GRAND FINALE … my furever home! I thought 'please DON'T LET IT END' and wondered WHAT HAS COME BETWEEN US. She reassured me and said 'AFTER YOU LEAVE ME, I’ll miss you so much but there are cat-loving SUPERSTARS out there that NEED A MAN like me in their lives and IT TAKES LOVE to find them'. 


So, YOU BETTER ASK YOU NEED LOVE? Or maybe you need someone to bring that ROCK 'N ROLL FEELING back into your life.  Adopt me and WINNER TAKES ALL!  

Styx is fully vetted and available for adoption. And in case you aren't a Styx fan, all of the capitalized words are titles to some of their songs.

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