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Birth Date: June 16, 2020

Sex: Female

Coat: Shorthair, dilute tortoiseshell

Highlight: Shy, but beautiful!

Likes: Cats, seniors, good quality food

Dislikes: Children, loud homes, dogs

Adoption Fee: $80

Hi, my name is Sylvia.

My rescue story starts off in the small town of Gretna. I was born feral, which means I didn't know that people have loving hands to stroke my fur and warm laps to curl up on. But, I did know that that people have good food to eat! I was being fed by a lovely elderly lady. She called Furever Friends Cat Rescue and told them I was ready for rescue. 

They told her “Once you get Sylvia inside we will come pick her up.” Well, I was inside…but no call went out because sadly, the lady passed away. I was now trapped inside. Furever Friends became concerned because they thought that call should be happening. They were in touch with this lady…a lot. They sent a volunteer over to check… It was a very sad day….

As the paramedics arrived, I slipped out in all the commotion and I was a free feral once more! I walked back everyday for food that the Cat Rescue volunteers left outside for me. I found out that they hadn't given up on me. One day they came with a trap, but I already walked right into the neighbour’s apartment. They picked me up and the rest is a story of a loving foster home, excellent dinning, warm laps, plenty of toys to play with. 

I know I'm not the cuddliest cat or the most confident, but I do love other cats. Perhaps once I become comfortable in your home, your lap will tempt me and we'll snuggle quietly together. Oh! I should mention that I was adopted once but had to be returned. The family absolutely loved me but their cat DID NOT! Every time I tried to snuggle with the cat, she punched me in the face and then would pee on the shoes. They were going through a lot of shoes and had to return me. I just want you to know, I never peed in anything other than my litter box…so disgusting!

I'm ready for a quiet, loving home. Maybe it's yours?

Sylvia has been adopted.

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