Birth Date: November 10, 2018

Sex: Female

Coat: Short hair, calico

Highlight: A sweet, polite lap cat

Likes: Cats, head bumping, attention, sitting on laps, sleeping in bed, belly rubs

Dislikes: Being picked up too fast

Adoption Fee: $80

Hello there! My name is Tawny.


That hasn’t always been my name. It was changed when I became a Furever Friends rescue cat. I don’t mind the change because it was my biggest hope to be a rescue cat. 


I lived outside on a rural property. There were way too many cats and none of us were fixed! My life was awful…fighting for food, fighting for warmth, being mated, having kittens. Over and over again, it was an endless cycle…fighting for food, fighting for warmth, being mated, and having MORE kittens.


Us cats would talk about “being rescued”. A magical place where food shows up in a bowl without you having to hunt it, where cats are buddies and clean each others ears. Where there are no belly worms, ear mites or fleas. A place of perpetual warmth where you get to sleep in a bed. Best of all, you get a spay or neuter - which means the boy cats stop being aggressive, hormonal dumb-dumbs and us girl cats don’t have to have kittens anymore! 


Don’t get me wrong, I love all of my 36 offspring, 216 grandkittens and 864 great-grandkittens. Of course, not all of them survived. Many suffered until they died of illnesses like distemper. It’s heartbreaking for a mother to see her family suffer because there isn’t enough food and shelter for everyone. And I had had enough of it! I set out on my own to see if “being rescued” actually existed. 


I wasn’t about to take a ride under a vehicle like some cats do in search of warmth and rescue, those daredevils are playing with their lives! I did it the old fashioned way, I walked. At first I came across a feral shelter. It was a wooden box filled with fresh straw. It was so warm inside and the food just mysteriously appeared! I had to kick out the feral cat living there, but that wasn’t hard (he was neutered and didn’t feel like putting up a fight). Someone noticed and wasn’t happy that I’d displaced the old cat. A trap was set, I was captured and sent to the local pound. I was claimed by my family and it was back to the farm for me.


Nothing had changed while I was gone, except that more cats had died from the cold. But I had changed because I had gotten a glimpse of that magical place. The shelter outside was just for wild cats, it’s nice enough but I got a look at the good life when they took my trap inside. The magical place really does exist! It was real and wonderful and I wanted it, for myself and my kittens.


Do you know what I did? I walked right back to that same house and this time I knocked on the door. I didn’t need to be trapped. I got another glimpse of “being rescued” before being taken back to the pound. This time, my family didn’t come get me. They left me in the pound. But, Furever Friends Cat Rescue claimed me and oh my goodness my life has been so good ever since. I’ve been completely vetted, including a spay. Hooray, no more kittens for me! I get wet food twice a day! I sleep in a bed! Toys...I play with cat toys!


When I was back at the farm, I told my offspring about the place I had seen and that “being rescued” does exist. Now they’ve started walking to that house, too! One at a time, they are also being rescued. 


The rescue volunteers have told me that I’ll have a new place to live once I’m “adopted”. It’ll be as glorious as my foster home, except I’ll never have to leave it and I’ll have a family that will love and care for me. They told me not to worry about my kittens, that they’ll help them as they show up. They said I’ve done my part and that it’s my turn to relax and enjoy being someone’s pet. I’m so very grateful.