Birth Date: May 30, 2021

Sex: Female

Coat: Medium-length hair, Tan with black stripes

Highlight: Still just a kitten!

Likes: Cats, calm dogs, playing and snuggling

Dislikes: Barking dogs

Adoption Fee: $100

Hi there! My name is Teak.


I walked across the computer keyboard today and ordered my foster family four rice cookers and a squatty potty…oops! Then I lay down on it and accidentally signed them up for 6 years of the Hallmark Christmas movie channel. I’m just a little kitten, I didn’t think I was heavy enough to press the keys…but I was! My foster mom scooped me off of the keyboard pretty fast, but not before all her reminder Post-it Notes stuck to my long fur. I looked at her with my cute face and she forgave me. I told her if I fits then I sits. Now she keeps the keyboard locked. Too bad, I didn’t get to order that huge new cat tower I wanted from Amazon.


I think I’m pretty good at using the computer. Maybe when I grow up I should look into a career in programming. Though, I haven’t ruled out being an online influencer. I could teach people all about how to take care of longhaired cats so our beautiful fur doesn’t get tangled and matted. 


But before I can look into my future, I need to find an adoptive family. A family that can put me through school, or at least provide provide me with my own computer to practice and play with. I’d also like your Amazon account password please, because I have some things I need. Like a litter box, canned kitten food, a scratcher, oooh and plenty of toys because I looooove to play! I hope my new family will have some cats to play with, maybe even a dog - if it’s nice and calm with little kitties like me.


I hope my new family likes spunky and confident cats because between my snuggles sessions, that’s what I’m am. I play gentle and have self-control, so it’s okay if they have kids. Except when it comes to online shopping, I don’t have much self-control there!


My foster mom says I’m very sweet and a family will be lucky to adopt a little cuddle bug like me, so why don’t you get your application in? I’ve already been vetted, including my spay. Yes, they can do that at any age now. So some free advice, if you have young kittens like me, get their spay and neuter done early because we heal super fast and hardly even notice. I overhead the Furever Friends Cat Rescue volunteers talking and they said they don’t need any more accidental kitten litters to add to the overpopulation problem that is happening in this area. Since I’ve had my vetting I won’t add to the problem and I’m all ready to go to a new home. I’ll keep an eye out and hope to see you soon!