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Birth Date: August 19, 2022

Sex: Male

Coat: Shorthair, orange

Highlight: A lovable snuggable!

Likes: People, dogs, cats, catnip

Dislikes: Tummy rubs

Adoption Fee: $100

My name is Tiber!

I started my rescue journey in Altona. I'm not originally from there but it seemed like a nice country town. It’s away from the city hustle and bustle and definitely not as quiet and remote as a rural farm yard. Seemed like a good place with good people and so I chose this as the place to be rescued.

I was looking forward to inside living, good food and daily attention…which is what rescue consists of. Firstly, when you want to get rescued, you need to get yourself noticed. Injuries are the quickest way to get attention from the general public. A broken leg, frostbitten ears or missing tail will definitely get you into a rescue right away. I'm not into self harm so those were out. I tried laying on the side of the street for awhile…to see if anyone would stop, but no one did and it felt kinda dangerous so I needed to try something different.


Being cute and playful would have worked for a kitten…I guess I was a little old for this tactic, but it’s a safe one so I got myself a few leaves and started to hop around all prancy and cleverly scooped up the leaves with my paw. A little gust of wind was helpful and I did a nice leap into the air. A family stopped to watch me but then walked away…shucks. 


Another trick to getting rescued is to sit on a front step. Don’t leave, even when it starts to rain. The more soggy and sorry you look, the better. Eventually the people inside will take you in. Even if they don’t want you, they will usually call the Animal Control Officer and you'll end up at the pound and hopefully the local rescue will bail you out of cat jail. 


None of these worked for me. I had to resort to the “nuisance cat” act. I waltzed down the street, on a bright sunny day. In full view of everyone, I started tearing open garbage bags and pretending to eat trash.…gross…no way I was gonna eat trash. I sucked in my gut looking all skinny and starving and riffled through as many bags as I could. I admit, I was actually getting a little desperate and some old spaghetti looked tempting until I saw the dirty diaper. Yuck! Mission accomplished though...


I was picked up by the Altona Animal Control. Altona has a foster based rescue, so I didn't even have to be housed long in the pound or hold facility, instead going right into a foster home after my initial vetting. It was even better than I had expected. Good food, daily attention, warm place! It also had cat and dog friends, plenty of toys and my very own cat bed! Wow! Now I'm just waiting on that permanent family to adopt me…I wonder if I should try “sad cat” with big puppy dog eyes to find a family…nah, I think I'll just be my best snuggly self and have patience while my future family searches for their next family member. Maybe it'll be you!

Tiber is fully vetted and available for adoption.

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