Tic Tac

Birth Date: August 30, 2021

Sex: Male

Coat: Short hair, White

Highlight: Has one blue eye and one green eye!

Likes: Wand toys, cats, eating, exploring, bird watching and cheek rubbing

Dislikes: Dogs and young children

Adoption Fee: $100

Hi, my name is Tic Tac and I’m a criminal!


I had to go through a 20-step reform program. I’m here to tell all the other cat burglars out there, that there is hope for you, too. You don’t have to live like stealthy ninjas in the dark, stealing for a living. The food found inside homes is free - if you live there. Warm beds are abundant, and people CAN be trusted!


I was living on the streets in Altona as part of a cat gang. We were taking whatever we needed when we needed it…food, water, and even sneakily pooping in flower beds and uncovered sandboxes. If you have one, I suggest you get a cover for your sandbox before you mistake those turds for tootsie rolls.


I was spotted during one of our garbage bag heists and arrested shortly after. Of course, my bright white colour sticks out on these nighttime raids, and I was quickly identified in the lineup by my unique eye colours. The Animal Control Officer put me in jail, cat jail. I was there for a while because no one from my gang had any bail money.


One day, some do-gooders came along and said ‘you don’t need to live like this’. I hissed in their faces and told them to get lost. They were pesky people, but boy were they persistent. Eventually, we cut a deal: they’d get me out of jail and I would try and curb my criminal ways.


They set me up in a house with everything I needed. Man, I hope all those inside cats realize how good they have it! I started my reform program without another thought, being tamed into a pampered pet with lots of love and care.


At first, I still had to be in a cage because I just wanted to hide in the shadows and slink to the food bowl. My foster family taught me that the food was always going to be there, I didn’t need to be sneaky about eating it. After the cage, I was confined to a single room. My foster family had toys and taught me that there is always time to play. I never did this in my gang! We were always on the prowl for the next big take.


Once I completed most of my criminal reform, I was free to mingle with the others cats and dogs. Life is good. I only pilfer the occasional sock or random string now. I sometimes steal the other cats’ food, but I’m still learning. Now, I’ll only rob someone of their love. Hostile takeovers are only about finding room on a warm lap and my ransom demands are for cuddle sessions with my favourite people. I’ve never been so proud of myself! I’ve come a long way for someone who started out as criminal street cat. You’ll never know the hard life I lived by looking at my picture, all you’ll see is a completely adorable kitty whose changed his ways and is ready to be an inside cat forever.