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Birth Date: June 1, 2019

Sex: Female

Coat: Shorthair, striped tabby

Highlight: Great potential to be a lap cat

Likes: Cats with a slow introduction, kids

Dislikes: Dogs, babies

Adoption Fee: $80

Hi there, my name is Tilly!

If the world ended in a horrible zombie apocalypse, I think I might survive. I got skills. I got hunting skills, hiding skills and plenty of survival instinct!

I also have some people skills, if there are any left. I'd use my snuggles and biscuit making ability to befriend people for co-habitation. I would use my hunting skills to eat and my hiding skills to avoid being eaten by a zombie. Though, I think they prefer to eat people…yuck!

Where did I get these magnificent survival abilities? From my mother when I was just a little kitten. She was a feral cat and before I was rescued she taught me everything thing I know about living in the wild. I've been living in a house with a family for most of my life, so these outside skills will need to be practiced at some point before the apocalypse. But not today! Today I have a nap to take and toys to play with. I also have to leave room for wet canned meals to eat and the warm laps to sit on. I have a busy tv line up to watch and a sunny spot is calling my name. 

Maybe tomorrow…after window birdwatching. Or maybe after I'm adopted I'll practice those skills, but for now I'll just wait for you. Fill out an application; as long as you aren't a zombie, we'll get along great! 

Gee…even if you are a zombie we might get along great! Zombies like to take things slow and have long naps right?!

Tilly is fully vetted and available for adoption.

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