Birth Date: January 19, 2021

Sex: Male

Coat: Shorthair, mackerel tabby


Likes: Cats, people of all ages

Dislikes: None - he's a very content guy

Adoption Fee: $100

Hi, my name is Travis!

The person who found me gave me the nickname 'Traveller' because I've travelled a lot in the past few weeks. My first trip was to Altona. I don't recommend this trip in the winter. Too much snow, too cold and not a lot of tourist attractions are open at this time of year…though, the Van Gogh painting was large and impressive. I saw it on my way to the Altona Greenhouse, where my ride dropped me off. That's were I was was found, freezing my ears off. 

The Altona Greenhouse is a popular cat dumping spot, according to the Furever Friends volunteers who want me to give the public a message: "Please stop dumping cats at the greenhouse! They get chased out by the feral cat colony living there and sometimes they get very injured trying to get food and shelter that they have absolutely no chance of ever getting!" That is exactly what happened to me!

I was dumped in this unfamiliar territory and the big cats living there are mean. Chasing me down as I was trying to sneak food. I was about to get my butt kicked when I saw this van pull up and a guy named Gary said "get in!" So I did. 

I sat in the passenger seat as we toured around town fixing copy machines. Gary called Animal Control and Furever Friends Cat Rescue but no one had time for me…just yet…so I spent some time with Gary, the copy guy, in his van. I give this trip 10/10! It was cool!

My next trip was to the pound. Not as cool and the accommodations are definitely not 5 star, but it was still warm and much better than freezing outside! Furever Friends Cat Rescue came to get me before too long and my next trip was to the vet. I rated this trip poorly on TripAdvisor. Not only was I locked in a travel kennel, but is was not the most pleasant experience I've ever had. I do recommend the neuter, though. It's a freeing procedure that has benefited my life. 

Had Gary taken me to the vet, I could've sat in the front seat and looked out the window. That would have been a much better trip. Gary was a great travel companion.

My next trip was to a foster home. Lovely family! I snuggle the whole bunch every chance I get. I'm very content to be inside. And their's is a great place to stay. I gave them two thumbs up on Expedia. I'd hoped my travelling days were over, but I'm told I have one more big trip to make.... to adoption. Sounds like the excursion of a lifetime. I hope Gary gets to drive me there!

Travis is fully vetted and ready for adoption.