Birth Date: March 17, 2018

Gender: Male

Coat: Long hair, Black

Bonjour! My name is Tyson and I am the cat you have always wanted. I am loving, cuddly, sweet, well behaved, playful and I love being held. I am a BIG boy and holding all this muscle might be hard on your arms! I can be found chilling in any sunny spot, or napping in bed with the dog. I also like to try out every chair you have in the house, to find the perfect napping spot. 


Do you see this crazy haircut they gave me?!? They called it a "lion cut", I must say I think it looks great on me! When my hair grows back, it is going to be long and silky; but I really don’t mind this cool cut either. I got this hair style because I was all matted. I even had a few burrs tangled in my beautiful fluffy tail. 


I was abandoned, but I am a survivor and found a feral shelter in the fall. I was one of the first cats rescued in early spring because of a terrible injury on my face! I looked awful! Some cat took a swipe at me as I was defending my limited winter resources and his claw went through my face and into my jaw. Gave me a really bad infection. I am all better now, thanks to being rescued. I am ready to be adopted!

Vetting: Blood tested, treated, neutered, vaccinated & tattooed

Adoption Fee: $80

© 2020 by Furever Friends Cat Rescue

Ph. 204-304-9173


Altona, MB Canada

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