Birth Date: August 26, 2021

Sex: Female

Coat: Shorthair, dilute tortoiseshell

Highlight: Sweet and gentle

Likes: Cats, dogs, kids


Adoption Fee: $100

Hello, my name is Vienna … yes, just like the city! 

Have you ever been to Vienna? Me neither, but I’ve heard it is a very cultured and intellectual city, so that must be why they chose to name me after it. My name may be grand but my history is quite humble. I was abandoned in the country, pregnant and alone like a common feral farm cat. I knew this just wouldn’t do so I found myself a lovely family to feed and teach my 3 kittens a bit of culture and class so they could become the house cats they were born to be. 


Arrangements were then made by Furever Friends Cat Rescue for my kittens to go on to a finishing school and I, of course, came with to oversee their education. We were all housed in a dorm room and although the accommodations are modest the chicken pate is 5 stars and my kittens are getting an excellent education. So, with that looked after I will be pursuing a lovely family to enjoy the finer things in life with.  


My interests mostly include listening to classical music and quietly observing the beauty of nature from the comfort of the indoors. I always do my scratching and playing at the appropriate time and place like the lady I am and I enjoy a good head scratch and pet, but I am dignified enough not to grovel for attention. I feel like this makes me quite pleasant company so if you have a refined home suitable for an elegant lady like myself, please consider me as your perfect companion.   

Vienna is fully vetted and available for adoption.