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Birth Date: October 30, 2022

Sex: Male

Coat: Shorthair, brown tabby

Highlight: Super snuggler!

Likes: People, cuddles, lap time, being petted

Dislikes: Dogs, cats, fish flavoured food makes him very itchy

Adoption Fee: $100


My name is Zen and like my name, I'm a calm cat who loves to chill. A beautiful sunbeam to stretch in is a glorious start to the day and curled up on your lap before bedtime is the only way to end the day.

Everyday that I'm alive is a blessing and I want to enjoy every moment of this wonderful life with you. Things were not always so perfect though. One day, I found myself in the Altona Park. The grass was so green and the clouds so wispy across the brilliant blue sky, but dark and sinister actions were the reason I was there.

I was"dropped off"…abandonment without consequences, the people thought. No one thinks about how it affects the cat. I was so scared. Unsure where I was and where to go, danger lurking in the unfamiliar area. I had to keep safe from being ripped apart by coyotes and dogs. I lost a lot of weight trying to find food.

It is a harsh experience being abandoned and most cats do not make it. I, for one, cracked my jaw and broke a tooth trying to stay alive. Once I tried following a young child home. Hoping for a handout and a safe place to sleep, but allergies prevented the family from bringing me inside. However, they did call the cat rescue and made them aware I existed. 

Still unsafe outside, I had to find a new hiding spot for night. During the day I would try asking people for help. Everyday no one helped, but the rescue didn't stop looking looking for me. Eventually it was me who found them. I knocked on the right door…Ruth let me in. She's a Furever Friends Cat Rescue volunteer and she immediately called the other volunteers that were searching for me. They gave me a really good "once over" and found the band around my scrotum and whisked me off to the vet. It was bad…the band was not placed properly.

I can't stress enough that home neutering jobs are not the way to go! My testicle was split in two because the band was in the wrong spot. When Dr Janessa, from the Winkler Vet Clinic, cut it off she had to take everything back there! She was worried because it was a very complicated surgery. While I was out, she pulled out the broken tooth too. There was nothing she could do about my jaw though. My mouth will always be a little open. 

Without that band choking my scrotum and with the painful tooth removed, I felt so good! Serenity surged through my body. Realizing I was safe in the rescue's arms, contentment flooded my mind. And that peaceful feeling will always be with me now. I have been given the wonderful gift of a second chance to have a beautiful life. The only thing missing is an adoptive family. But I will continue to wait patiently for them. The perfect family will find me. 
It is my destiny.

Zen is fully vetted and available for adoption.

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