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CAT TALE for January 27, 2022







Sex: Male


Intake: April 29, 2019

Adopted: July 28, 2019

New Name: RAVI

Ice Cream



Adopted with: Toffee


Cat Tale



Like most orange male cats, Pretzel is a pretty laid back kind of guy, never the first one to attempt something new and the first one to bed. He's also a huge snuggle bug! He just loves being close to you and rolling over for belly tickles. His foster mom says he is a gentle kitty when he plays with her fingers. He can purrr really loud, especially when it is time to eat.


Pretzel is part of the Ice Cream Toppings litter that was born in our care to Carmel - a very feral cat that was released thru our TNR program. You would never know that he had a wild mom because he had a foster home that is very good at socializing kittens.


Pretzel and his brother Toffee are being adopted together and we are so happy to see two kittens, that compliment each other well, go to the same home. We know that both of these guys will have a blast with each other - snuggling, playing, climbing the cat trees, and chasing those crinkly balls, which are Pretzel's favourite. His new home will need to stock up on them. LOL.

Good luck Pretzel! We will miss your snuggles, so make sure you give lots to your new mom.

Adopter Update

January 27, 2022
Ravi and Arun are the sweetest little rascals, and they bring me great joy each day! Ravi is more independent, but he loves to cuddle when the time is right for him. Arun will sit on my lap wherever I am, and is always eager to have my attention. They are both playful and happy. Raising them as kittens into adulthood has been a pleasure and it has been so fun to watch them grow up. I'm grateful to be their owner, and to Furever Friends Cat Rescue for providing me with the information and guidance I need to be the best possible parent to them.

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