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Gender: Female


Intake: April 29, 2019

Adopted: February 11, 2020

Ice Cream



Sprinkles is a very sweet, quiet and content cat. She has always preferred to watch the action rather than be directly involved, like her siblings. This laid back attitude makes her a great lap cat and a wonderful bedtime snuggle bug! She just loves being close to you and rolling over for belly rubs and non-stop purring. Her foster mom says she is a gentle kitty and content to find a toy on her own to play with. One of her favourites is boxes with crumpled newspaper inside.


Sprinkles is part of the Ice Cream Toppings litter that was born in our care to Carmel - a very feral cat that was released thru our TNR program. You would never know that she had a wild mom because she had a foster home that is very good at socializing kittens. We know that she will have a good time in her new home snuggling, playing, climbing the cat trees, and chasing those kitty coils she loves so much. She has lived with dogs and cats and so we think she will make great friends with her new friend, Bear the dog.

Good luck Sprinkles! We will miss your snuggles, so make sure you give lots to your new family.

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