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Gender: Male







Intake: Dec. 7, 2018

Adopted: May 5, 2020

New Name: Name

Warrior was caught in the winter in a cat trap; not ours, we never trap in the winter unless it is an injured cat. He was so scared we thought he was a feral and had him planned for TNR (trap-neuter-release). We set him up in a “cat hotel” until spring, as we would never release a cat into the cold winter. The plan was to set up a caretaker, shelter, and feeding station near the area he was caught once the weather warmed up. But, Warrior had other plans. He told our volunteer at the cat hotel that he wanted to be an inside cat. What?!? 


We already had too many cats at that time that needed homes. Warrior used his best purr and lap sitting ability to try and sway us and we could not say no to him either. We made a Facebook post requesting an inside foster home to finish his inside training and socializing, but we could not make Warrior any promises with us being stretched so thin already. A new foster home volunteered to take him on saying that Warrior’s video was so adorable that he wanted to help the little guy out. So we sent Warrior to his foster home and do you know what happened…foster fail.


We love a great foster fail story! Warrior got his foster dad to fall for his crazy antics too. Those 2 cool guys now hang out, talk about hunting, watch sports on TV and they seem like a perfect match for each other. Happy "tails" Warrior!

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