Birth Date: July 13, 2017

Sex:   Female

Hi, my name is Mimosa.

My foster mom found me laying on the side of the highway. Luckily for me she stopped and picked me up, even though I wasn’t moving! And even more lucky is that I have no Injuries!!!! I must be a lucky cat and maybe I will bring my luck to you! My gorgeous calico colour makes me look like I have eyeliner! My foster mom says I am beautiful. She is so sweet. I hope I get a sweet family like her. I get a long great with my canine foster sister and my feline foster sister. I would like a home with other pets so that I don’t have to get lonely while you’re away. My foster mom says I have an amazing personality!! She is so nice, I need a nice family too. When I’m not sleeping; I’m chasing my foster siblings’ tails and if that isn’t fun enough for me, my own tail keeps me very entertained! I love my cat toys, getting my ears scratched, and head pets. If you start patting my head, it’s hard for me to let you stop. 

Mimosa has been spayed, blood tested, vaccinated, treated for yuckies, and tattooed.

Adoption Fee: $80