Birth Date: May 19, 2019

Gender:   Female

Oh, hello. I assume this disturbance of my playtime was to interview another prospective home? Let me explain my simple requirements: Endless love. Warm lap. Abundant toys. Worshipful adoration of my sassy diva-ness. If there must be a dog, he should be completely subservient to my wishes at all times. (Looking you up and down.) Yes, I believe you might be suitable if you are able to drag yourself away from your phone for some playtime...I mean it...I will not be ignored while you watch cat videos on your phone! I am right here...a live cat hopping around, meowing, snuggling and playing really cute right in your house. I do not want to be reduced to cuddling with a STUFFED ANIMAL instead of a warm, breathing, can-opening, treat-dispensing, cat-toy-wielding, real, live human person to call my very own! If this happens I will connect Furever Friends and have them FIX this problem IMMEDIATELY!

My $80 adoption fee includes all vetting and my spay. I think that is way too cheap. I am worth like a bajillion dollars fur sure, right!?!

Adoption Fee: $80

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Altona, MB Canada

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