Birth Date: May 24, 2019

Gender:   Female

Just hanging out in my foster home and I said “Abree, you know what you need? You need a family all your own.” So I sat down to write this post and I realized I got NO THUMBS! I am going to have to get the hoomans to do this for me too. They already do so much! Feed me, brush me and clean my litter box but even with all of this I am still ...I shudder to type this...LAPLESS. That’s right: I have no lap to call my own. Could you be persuaded share yours? I am sweet, snuggly, and very tolerant of other cats. I am willing to time share the hooman’s lap with other cats...especially if it is the lap of luxury! All kidding aside, I really enjoy play time with other cats and would really like to share a home with them. I am gentle and not the kind of kitty that will claw your arm off when I’m happy, so I think you should really consider ADOPTING ME. 

My adoption fee of $90 covers my spay and all of the vetting, which I think I don’t really need because I am VERY healthy!!!

Adoption Fee: $90

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