Birth Date: August 26, 2018

Gender:   Female

Hi! My name is Nebula.

I'm just a small kitten and you should adopt me while I am still little. I've got soft fur for petting and four legs for running. I like to play! I like to hide and pounce on my brother Meteor! I like to chase little mice and carry them in my mouth pretending I am a hunting panther. I would like a home with other cats or my brother! We could play together. You could wave a feather wand and we could jump and catch it. We like feather wands so much that we broke out first one!

I am so glad my mom and all of us kittens were rescued. My momma was abandoned and gave birth to us under the front stairs of a stranger's home. We went to the Pound with our umbilical cords still hanging attached. We have been in foster care ever since, but we're ready to be adopted now!

Did you know I am already vetted! I got spayed, blood tests, vaccinations, treatments and a tattoo! Ready to come to play at your place.

Adoption Fee: $80

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Altona, MB Canada

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