Birth Date: ?

Sex:   Male

Hey U,
Have you been following my story on Facebook?
I almost died. In fact my siblings did, I was the sole survivor. I was found on the road, almost frozen. I was completely dehydrated and emaciated. Someone saw me, picked me up and then abandoned me a second time. That is not the way it works at Furever Friends Cat Rescue, but I got lucky. Not only did someone come forward to rush me to the vet, another family came forward to foster me. It was amazing! The vet did her best to warm me and I had to stay at the vet for quite awhile because I just had no will to move. The food had to be put right under my face. I almost drowned in my own water bowl. Then I went to my foster home and I struggled. First I could not keep anything in and then I got so constipated that I thought I would never poo again. My foster home is one of the best! So kind and patient. They helped me so much that I'll never be able to say thank you enough. I hope that all my purring and snuggles lets them know I appreciate them more than I could ever communicate to them. My tail and ears are back to normal, with only a little piece at the end that has no feeling. I am very healthy now! I put on weight and other than some pumpkin that needs to be added to my diet everyday, I am also completely normal too.

I have been vetted, including neuter, vaccinations, blood tests, treatments and my vet did not even know I was the same cat!!! My foster family says I am a well behaved, snuggly cat and some family will be very lucky to adopt me. So let’s get the applications rolling!

Adoption Fee: $80