Birth Date: June 19, 2018

Sex:   Female

My name is Savannah.

I was found in the cold and I forgot my winter coat! I went right into the Roadside Store to go buy one, but they didn't have one. Then I realized I had no money and tried to convince the clerk to lend me some. I told her I was good for it, but it was like we weren’t even talking the same language! She just said “Oh look at the pretty kitty, are you hungry???” I said no, I need a winter coat. I’m cold and shivering, but she gave me the food anyway and I ate it. It was good, I ate the whole can! Guess I was hungry after all! Then someone came and picked me up, I ended up in cat jail! Oh I hated it. I have to run! I need space! I tried to tell the jail guy that this was no good, no good at all! I just need a winter coat! I wasn’t trying to steal one! He completely ignored me! Told me I talked too much. Thank goodness Furever Friends Cat Rescue got me out of there. Took me to the vet, all the attention - loved it! Loved the vet, and all the people! Now I’m in a foster home waiting for adoption.


I get along with most cats (after some patience) and dogs are not a problem at all. I am very playful and affectionate. I would like to give you kisses every morning when you wake up! I am told I am very unique looking, maybe with some silver Bengal mix in my parents. Come meet me! I definitely want to meet you!

Savannah has been spayed, blood tested, vaccinated, treated for yuckies, and tattooed.

Adoption Fee: $60