Birth Date: June 27, 2018

Gender:   Female

Well hello there! My name is Ebony!

I am more of the independent type of kitty. I love exploring every possible place in your house. Cupboards and shelves, ooooh and tall cat trees! Do you have some empty boxes? Can I play with them? I love to play with all types of toys! Naps? Who needs naps when there are so many toys to play with and places to run too! Long hallways to gallop down. Ya I really like those too! I would like another cat to play with or dog to chase, but sometimes I get scared of new friends and need a nice slow introduction. Don’t just throw me in there with them cuz I will hiss and maybe scratch in self-defence. 

I was born in foster care after my mom was caught and although everyone from Furever Friends loves me, I see what kind of problems they have adopting black and white cats. They last a long time in this rescue. I hope I get adopted much sooner than some of those other ones. But I don’t let it get me down, I am a happy playful kitty with plenty of love for my family that I will have one day. If you are looking for a playmate or you want to make some great YouTube videos, then pick me!

Adoption Fee: $60

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Ph. 204-304-9173


Altona, MB Canada

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