Birth Date: April 24, 2019

Sex:   Female

Hi, my name is Autumn.

Hey! Someone forgot to give me eyebrows! I can’t believe I have no eyebrows!!! Can someone draw some on because I alway look sad or surprised. Oh well, I guess I am just a very unique looking kitty and whoever adopts me will get to know that I’m a sweet, content, quiet kitty and not as sad as I look lol.


I love the other kittens in my foster home and love to play with them, so a home with other cats is really high on my list. I am still getting used to dogs and find them cats for sure, hehe. My story is sad like most kittens now...I was born outside and my mom is wild. I want to be an inside cat because that was cold and I was hungry. But let’s concentrate on the happy parts. I am warm and well fed and want to be adopted by you!

My adoption fee encompasses all of my vetting, including my spay, vaccinations, blood tests, tattoo, treatments and health check. I'm ready to be adopted!

Adoption Fee: $80