Birth Date: Unknown

Gender:  Female

Coat:  Short hair

My name is Celeste...I promise to be the best cat you ever have.

I never jump on counters, I am very quiet, I rarely shed, probably because I have some Blue Russian in my heritage. I am very self-entertaining and I will never door dash. I love to play with sponge balls and and fake birds. I like it when my foster hoomans throw the ball, but if they don’t I will quietly play by myself. I like to sleep at the foot of the bed and nap on the couch with my foster hoomans. They pet me on the head, rub my ears and neck. I purr and love the attention, but if they are busy, I will just sit quietly on a chair in the room with them. As long as I am close to them, they will know I love them.


You see I was treated badly by hoomans. I was in a home, they did not want me and they moved away without me. The people that moved in did not want me either and locked us in a very, very tiny space for weeks. Neglecting a disgusting litter box and when I was about to be rescued, those people said “oh we gave them to a rescue already”, but they lied - they really just threw us outside. I was found outside with 6 newborn kittens and frozen ears months later. Furever Friends is still looking for my companion. I was very sick, and starving. A great foster home had to wean my babies very early to help me survive. Tests were run, I was fully vetted and separated from my kittens because I have the corona virus. Now don’t get alarmed, 30% of cats will have this virus. Particularly if there is any closeness to a dirty litter box like I had to endure. Everyone was worried that I had the “bad” kind of this virus but I proved them wrong cuz I am very healthy now, but I will always have this virus and it can cause bloating, gas and intermittent diarrhea. I have only had the occasional smelly farts, hehe. But it can be contagious to other cats so unless you are not frightened of this disease ,perhaps a single cat household is best for me. 

I am scared of young children, but have been great with retirees. That is kinda my speed in life. Calm. I hope that you would consider fostering or adopting me or perhaps you can share this with someone you know is looking for the “best cat ever” experience. 

Vetting: Blood tested, treated, spayed, vaccinated & tattooed

Adoption Fee: $60

© 2020 by Furever Friends Cat Rescue

Ph. 204-304-9173


Altona, MB Canada

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