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Gender: Female



Intake: June 27, 2018

Adopted: February 17, 2020

Ebony's mom was a wild cat we named Hope. Hope had 3 kittens while in the Altona Pound: one died, born premature, but Ebony and her sister Ivory were so very healthy! Both kittens as beautiful as their mother! 

Ebony's is a sad story of being passed up for adoption again and again. She is more shy and nervous than her sister Ivory, so people don’t connect with her right away; but she really just needs to be given a chance. Ebony is more of the "independent type" of kitty. She loves exploring every possible place in a house. All cupboards and shelves have to be inspected! Tall cat trees and empty boxes are a must in Ebony’s home. She loves to play with all types of toys! Naps? Who needs naps when there are so many toys to play with and long hallways to gallop down. 


Ebony is a happy playful kitty with plenty of love for her special person. She is an amazing cat that should have been adopted when she was little, but it just didn't happen for her. Now Ebony is going to get the chance to be in a home and love a cat daddy!


She is adorable running around chasing feather wands, and making the cutest chirps, trills at the little toy mice that she loves to play with. We know that she will love to play with her new cat daddy too.

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