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Furever Friends Cat Rescue began on September 4th, 2015 out of concern for lost, abandoned and feral cats in the community of Altona, Manitoba. 

Their plight is sad. Imagine living in a warm and comfortable home, then suddenly staring at the back of the car as it drives off, leaving you in a strange neighbourhood. Nothing looks familiar, no house, no person. Where do you go now? Where do you find your next meal, water, a warm dry bed? And then there are the other animals who don't want you there...where is safety?


Many more cats are dumped by owners than lost. They are usually not neutered or spayed, which adds dramatically to the overpopulation situation. They are often in poor health and unable to fend for themselves in the dead of winter or the heat of summer. They are voiceless, but their hearts cry out for us.

Furever Friends provides loving foster homes, vet care, and a spay/neuter program. Each cat's medical and social concerns are taken care of before adoption. Potential new owners are screened carefully for compatibility of home life and to the cat's personality and needs.

It is our mission to provide for the adoption and placement of rescued cats and kittens in permanent homes. We are further dedicated to the care and well being of these homeless cats and to educating the public on the need to spay/neuter pets, the prevention of animal cruelty, responsible pet ownership, and actively encouraging members of our community to be involved in the cause.

Meet our Team

Tracy Harder

Team Leader

Stan Harder

Team Member

Meghan Funk

Team Member

Cyndi Klassen

Team Member

Kim Klassen

Team Member

Don Fehr


Team 2020

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Altona, MB Canada

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