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Free Spay Giveaway

In honour of World Spay Day (February 28th, 2023), we are giving away one free spay.

If you have a cat, or know of a cat, that needs a spay, fill out the form below.

The female cat will receive FIV/FeLV testing, spay, tattoo and vaccinations - valued at $513 plus tax.

Nominate your cat, your friend’s cat, your family member’s cat, your neighbour's cat - any female cat that needs a spay.

In town or on the farm. Together, we can ensure there is one less female producing kittens this spring.


  1. Must be a female cat

  2. Must live in the Pembina Valley, MB

  3. Must have transportation to and from the Winkler Vet Clinic

  4. Must have indoor shelter for the cat to recover from surgery

  5. All nominations must be submitted via the form below

  6. Nominations must be received by March 31, 2023

Spay Nomination Form

Thank you for your nomination.

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