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Foster Cats

These kitties need a temporary home until they find their furever home. Some are in need of a "lion tamer" to learn how to be good

indoor pets; others might be sick or hurt and need some extra TLC to get better. Most are healthy and just need a place to live.

We provide everything you need: cat/kitten, food, litter, supplies; you provide the love and home until they are ready for adoption.




  • Low stress home

  • Requires daily medication administration

Milton is looking for a foster home to help him deal with anxiety. He is currently trying a new medication and food to help with his troubles. He has been returned from adoption 3 times. He needs one more chance to see if he can find the right family.


He is a good boy with plenty of love to give. He is very affectionate and will cuddle all night long. He gets along well with relaxed pets, seniors, and children that are good with pets. He doesn't do well in high stress homes or homes with other high strung, energetic pets. He is a short hair male. Birth date: April 4, 2016.

If you would like to foster or adopt Milton, please Contact Us.

Robin_Foster Home_sm.jpg



  • Needs help losing weight

  • Requires daily medication administration

Robin is looking for a foster home to help with his fitness and weight loss goals. He is a kibble junkie and has gained some weight that is putting too much pressure on a leg that was broken and healed before his rescue. Robin also sufferers for asthma and requires daily puff medication. He takes this medication very well. 


He is a shy, sweet, affectionate cat that gets along well with other cats. He has not met any dogs or young children yet. He is a short hair, white and orange male. Birth date: January 15, 2020.

If you would like to foster or adopt Robin, please Contact Us.

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