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Birth Date: June 1, 2019

Sex: Female

Coat: Shorthair, tortoiseshell

Highlight: Total sweetheart!

Likes: Cats, dogs, bird watching, cat nip

Dislikes: Loud homes

Adoption Fee: $100

Hi everyone,

I’m Autumn and even though I’m considered to be a calico, I don’t have your typical calico attitude. I also don't have the classic calico colours. I'm a tortoiseshell, which means I have orange and white spots on a black background of fur. It's quite unique and definitely makes my orange spots stand out, rather than a regular white “patchy” type of calico cat. 

Calicos are known for bad attitudes, but I have none of that. I’m really sweet, quiet and a little shy at first. The shyness is a leftover trait from when I was rescued as a feral kitten. My rescue story is like many other cats who come to Furever Friends...I ended up at the pound after walking into a trap. It definitely didn’t take me long to realize the people who rescued me were super nice.


Living in a home was amazingly awesome and having good food all the time was the way to my heart. Before long I found myself in a foster home with other kittens my age. Once my foster mom could see I was happy living as an inside cat, I was ready for adoption. It didn’t take long for a family to see my unique colours and sweetness, and put in an adoption application.


I got to live in my new home with another cat and some dog friends. We were really happy! Then my family added a tiny human to the family and decided to move to a bigger place. I didn't make the cut as part of the family anymore. In fact, neither did my cat buddy. I couldn’t believe it! I thought we were all happy together. I even loved the new baby!


So, here I am back at Furever Friends Cat Rescue looking for a new home. I've been really sad and despondent because I miss my family, they're the only one I've ever known. The Furever Friends volunteers have tried really hard to make me happy again. They’ve been so nice to me, giving me delicious wet food, updating my vaccines, and finding a nice foster home for me to live in while I wait for my next application. Their kindness has shown me that I'm ready to love again, so I’m hoping to find my new furever family soon!

Autumn has been adopted.

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