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Birth Date: May 30, 2021

Sex: Male

Coat: Shorthair, Dilute orange

Highlight: 3 legged cat!

Likes: Cats, snuggles, good food

Dislikes: A little scared of dogs, shy in new places

Adoption Fee: $100

Hi, my name is Dougie.

I got hit by a car. Lost my leg. 

I lived on a rural property and I was never fixed. So I went out wandering. Looking for those lonely lady cats to keep company. I'm a lover boy…even now that I'm fixed, I still love to give affection and cuddle. 

I was so focused on the scent of a female that I crossed the highway without looking both ways! Yikes, I was lucky not to lose my life! My leg was broken and it took me a few days to drag myself back home. But I made it! They took one look at me all dirty, bloody and broken and called the local cat rescue for help. 

The rescue said that I could be surrendered to them at the vet. Phew! Saved! So glad they had a spot to take me in! The vets tried to save my leg but it was broken in many places and even the bone was sticking out in one spot. They decided the best thing to do was an amputation. 


I hardly notice I only have 3 legs, I guess I'm a really adaptable kind of guy! I also adapted to inside life without any issues whatsoever. Lovin’ the inside living! OMG the good food! The warm soft blankets! There's a 1000 things that I could talk about that I love about living in a home. No way I could ever be outside again. Especially with only 3 legs…I could never outrun a coyote!

I can hardly wait until I get adopted and explore all the great things in my own place. And love up all the people in my adoptive home, too. That will be the best!

Dougie is adoption pending.

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