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George Foreman

Birth Date: March 1, 2022

Sex: Male

Coat: Shorthair, grey and cream

Highlight: Playful and snuggly!

Likes: Cats, dogs, older children, cat toys, raw cat food

Dislikes: Living outside, young kids, being itchy from chicken food sensitivities

Adoption Fee: $100

Hi! I'm George Foreman!

No, not like the the boxer! Although, I must admit, I'm much more of a lover than a fighter. I do like to cuddle sometimes, I'll fall asleep on you if you're taking a snooze, and my foster mom thinks my snores are the sweetest!

Some of my favourite things include bird watching, squirrel watching, fly hunting and those crinkly shiny paper toys! I also love wand toys. I have quite a bit of energy, so if I don't have a playmate, I'll need regular play time to get all my zoomies out!

I love other cats, especially the chase game and wrestle, although I can be a bit rough my playmate has to let me know when enough is enough! I'm a good size, solid cat so hopefully your cat is not a tiny little kitten. I might be okay with a cat savvy dog too, as long as it will play with me! Sometimes my excitement gets the best of me and I play attack my foster humans! Oops! So, I might not be great for young kids.

I love life! I'm going to live my best one! I'm a happy go lucky guy! One day a family will adopt me and things will be terrific! Rescue is soooo much better than being euthanized in the pound! That was my fate before Furever Friends Cat Rescue intervened. They wish they could rescue all the cats but I was one of the chosen few and I'm not going to waste a minute of being alive!

I was kinda down when I was on the street. It was hard living. Then I ended up in the pound…not much better, but once rescued I was fully vetted including a neuter and even a dental appointment where 10 teeth were removed. All broken and painful teeth were taken out and I feel fantastic! No testosterone driving me wild and no more cavities!

If there is a's my chicken allergy. It's pretty intense so I need a diet that has no chicken, please, otherwise I break out in lots of very itchy hives, ouch! But if you keep my diet chicken free, I'm healthy and full of love to give and I'd love to meet you!!

George Foreman is adoption pending.

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