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Birth Date: March 8, 2020

Sex: Female

Coat: Shorthair, Tortoiseshell

Highlight: Unique look, unique personality!

Likes: To be a single pet, children

Dislikes: Dogs, cats, loud homes

Adoption Fee: $80

Hi, my name is Lexi.

I'm a tortoiseshell cat, that means I have very distinct fur colours and unique personality characteristics. To qualify as a tortie, you must have 3 colours. We can be longhaired or shorthaired cats, I prefer to keep mine short and silky. In many cultures, a tortie is treasured.

In Ireland, we are believed to bring good luck to our families. In Japan, we are said to prevent shipwrecks. In the United States, we are referred to as the "money cats". I haven't brought anyone money just yet; but if you adopt me, perhaps some long lost inheritance will be found or you could believe that you won the cat lottery because you got me! 

Tortoiseshell cats are supposedly known for "tortitude". This is a silly notion about having more attitude because of my fur colour. I can’t speak for all of the torties out there, but I most certainly do not have tortitude. Have you ever met a Siamese? Calico? Or a Bengal cat???? Those should labeled "catitude". I'm a sweetheart compared to those ones.

One of the unique characteristics of my colouration is intelligence. I'll be easy to teach tricks. In fact, I'm learning some right now in my foster home. 

My tortieness also means I'm more sensitive to my surroundings and feelings in my home. Which is how I ended up in rescue. I had an anxiety reaction to the stress in my first home. I'm an emotional reflection of what happens to my family. Don't ever think that I don't feel what you do because I do…

I'll mirror anxiety, stress, and aggression, but I'll also reflect love, contentment, and happiness. Just give me the chance to de-stress in your happy home and I might just turn into that lucky "money cat" for you.

Lexi is adoption pending.

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