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Birth Date: October 22, 2022

Sex: Male

Coat: Shorthair, tuxedo

Highlight: Sweet and loving!

Likes: Helping with housework, wand toys, cat friendly dogs, cats, and soft beds

Dislikes: Vet trips

Adoption Fee: $100

Hello…I'm a Luigi! 

Okie dokie, here's my story. My brother, Mario, and I have been a team for as long as I can remember. I look up to my brother a lot and I often wish I could be as brave and as smart as him, but my brother is usually the one that saves us from my mistakes. One day I made a little mistake that changed both our lives in a big way.


My brother was always looking out for me and told me never to eat from the bowl by the big castle without him. It was too dangerous with Bowser lurking about. Well, you see my tummy rumbles in a big way when it's empty and I just couldn't help myself. I went for a little nibble and got a bit distracted by the food. Mamma mia! Next thing I knew I was in Bowser's clutches headed straight into the castle. However, Mario isn't always right…


It wasn't Bowser's castle at all. It was a kingdom ruled by a Princess that had lots of food and love to share. I told her Mario wouldn't come as easily as I did and that he'd need to be trapped. Luckily Princess Peach had a plan and by the next day Mario had joined me. We were together again! But our troubles weren't over yet...


We needed to travel to a distant kingdom called the vet and get most of our teeth pulled. I was kind of scared…okay, I was very scared but with my brother and Princess Peach by my side, I knew I could gather up enough courage. I was so brave at the vet and now without my bad teeth I’m happy and pain free. I eat, I play and I even help Princess Peach with the chores around the castle. Sorting laundry is my favourite. I've learned a lot about how brave I really am and although I still love my brother, I don’t need him to figure everything out for me anymore. Now I just need to find the portal to my own Furever Kingdom. Can you help me out? 

Luigi is fully vetted and available for adoption.

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