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Birth Date: January 27, 2022

Sex: Female

Coat: Shorthair, silver Bengal cross

Highlight: Super pretty!

Likes: Dogs, some cats, cat nip, water

Dislikes: Some cats, young children

Adoption Fee: $100

Hello … Pickle here!


Have you ever been to the zoo, seen the snow leopards and thought to yourself … wow, I would love one of those as a pet. Well, here’s your chance!


My silver coat will remind you of my larger, wilder cousins, without having to worry about becoming a future snack. You see, I’m part silver Bengal - which means, way back in my family tree there is an actual wild cat! These undomesticated genes make me kind of special.


For example, I don’t mean to boast, but I’m really clever. I’ll have you trained in no time and maybe I can even teach you a trick or two. Because I’m so clever, I’m great at finding ways to amuse myself. I’m an independent lady, but I won’t say no to a good toy tossing game either.  


Do you like to have long chats with your bestie? Well, you’re in luck there too ... I’m a great conversationalist. I’ll share my feelings about your new outfit, advice on your social life and I’ll serenade you on car rides. Another gift from my Bengal ancestors is an affection for water. Okay, so maybe don’t bring me to a pool party or anything, but I do like to dabble in water play. My favourite is sticking my paw into my water bowl while I'm drink. So refreshing, and while I’m at it I can make sure you got the water temperature to my liking. But even with all these special Bengal qualities, deep down I’m just like every other cat. I need good food, a safe home and a family to love me … both the wild cat me and the regular old tabby cat me. Will that be you?

Pickle is adoption pending.

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