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Birth Date: November 22, 2018

Sex: Male

Coat: Shorthair, orange

Highlight: Happy-go-lucky kitty!

Likes: Cats, catnip, catios, Friskies in a can

Dislikes: Dogs, loud homes, young children

Adoption Fee: $100

Hi, my name is Pumkin’.

I was living the street life. Garbage raiding with the trash pandas and hanging out under decks and sheds with the mice…which I ate. Not the best life. I made it work and survived, but I definitely prefer the inside cat life…even an inside/outside life would suit me. 

I still retain a small amount of fear that one day this good living will be taken away. So, don’t fault me for the small amount of skittishness I have. I'll never forget how bad it got in the middle of winter, outside in the cold trying to find food. 

Now my soft food arrives in my bowl twice a day and kibble magically appears for snacks. Fresh water is always available. You don’t take things like this for granted after you've suffered a Manitoba winter! My mice are now fuzzy little coloured toys. I get to sleep in a people bed and watch Netflix on the couch. I do love a good nature documentary! Though, I hate it when the animals die. It hits too close to home for me. 

I love to be petted and purr and purr. When I first came inside my purr was a little rusty but now I use it everyday when I cuddle with my foster family. They say I am a great cat! They think I deserve a great family. I hope that I get one!

There are so many cats available for adoption, I might be passed over for some of the others. But I have a few great qualities I would like to point out: I like canned Friskies…this is the cheapest food you can buy! In a world where things cost a lot, I won't cost as much as some fancy cats. I have never had a litter box accident! I use it like I've been using one my whole life, which hasn't always been the case. And, I'm a beautiful orange colour. The rescue says orange cats are often the sweetest and calmest kitties. Which I think is true. 

You should send in an application. Perhaps I'll be a great match for your family.

Pumpkin is adoption pending.

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