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Gender: Female


Intake: August 12, 2013

Adopted: August 23, 2013

New Name: Missy aka Bruce

Marie and her brother Donnie were found abandoned in a dog park. Marie had a broken tail. The whole neighbourhood was helping to feed these two kitties. After a terrifying week of being harassed by dogs and teenagers, a foster home was found. Just when they were about to be picked up and rescued, Marie and Donnie disappeared. It was after a very bad night with some unruly teens with firecrackers, stated one of the younger neighbour kids who was helping to feed them. They had to be located again by posters and a door to door search.The half eaten hamburger buns on one lawn was a clear indicator that they may be hiding under the deck of that particular residence, two blocks away. Thank goodness we found them again. Donnie was the protector of his sister and refused to be separated from her even during the spay and neutering process. Because of the love that these two cats shared for each other, their furever home decided to adopt both of them. They are now pampered inside cats that have a whole big house to play in, and a family that loves them very much.

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