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Birth Date: April 27, 2021

Sex: Male

Coat: Shorthair, solid orange

Highlight: Will steal your heart with his cute little snuggles

Likes: Cats, petting, playing

Dislikes: Dogs, young kids

Adoption Fee: $100

They named me Butters for the light colour of my fur. I guess I do kinda look like a soft block of butter, lol.

I would love to be adopted! I would love a family…I've never had one. I was born on a farm, no one cared about me. I had no warm spot. I had to fight for food with all the other cats. I ended up taking that dangerous ride under a car to see if the there was a better life somewhere in town. 

Turned out it could get so much worse than the farm!!!! Now I was I was soooo cold! I was soooo hungry! I ended up at some guy's place because he fed me sometimes. I snuck into the house entryway so my tail and ears wouldn't freeze off. But he didn't want me at all!

One day he loaded me up into his truck and was going to dump me in Gretna. I would have died. I sat there shivering in fear on the front seat and he took pity on me and at the last minute changed his mind…he knew it would probably kill me, too. He took me back to Altona and called Furever Friends instead. They in turn called the Animal Control guy to go and get me…immediately!

The guy got into trouble for saying he was gonna dump me. Did you know that is illegal??? Well it is, and you could get into some serious trouble for dumping animals! Thank goodness the rescue had some room to take me in! Now I live in a foster home waiting for my furever family. Warm! Good food! Plenty of toys! Other cats to love and the best part…a person to pet me. I might be shy, but that doesn’t stop me from loving the love! I swear I could be petted all day and never get enough! 


I'm looking for a patient, kind family that can understand that what I went though has made me shy, but I'm still a sweet little cat. I'll come out of my shell eventually, but trust will need to be earned because I've met more bad people than good people so far in my life. 

Are you a good person? Do you want to adopt me?

Butters in fully vetted and available for adoptiong.

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