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Birth Date: July 24, 2017

Sex: Female

Coat: Shorthair, Black

Highlight: Well behaved!

Likes: Fuzzy blankets

Dislikes: Dogs, fast movements, kids, and loud noises

Adoption Fee: $80

Hi, my name is Catlynn and I hope you fall in love with my story because most people will not fall in love with me. You see, I am a reformed feral. That means I was born wild and I don’t act like a normal cat. I’m not cuddly and you can’t pick me up. I’m a total scaredy-cat and I have substantial trust issues, but I promise I am working really hard on them.


I was found by Furever Friends with 6 kittens. They trapped me and my kids and put us into a foster home. All my kittens were tamed and adopted, but I never understood this “inside life”. Furever Friends said they would let me live my life outside, after all my vetting was done. Whew! It was a relief to be outside, but it was harder than I thought! I had to be acclimated to a new territory because my old territory was too dangerous. After a few weeks in my new spot, they set me free. I liked my new spot. I came everyday to eat and I slept in the heated shelter for over a year. Then a new dog moved into the neighbourhood. I had to move on and the family that was caretaking me thought I died and grieved for me. They looked for me for months. Guess what, I turned up 6 months later in a whole new place! Those 6 months were a blur, so don’t ask me about them. This new place happened to be a Furever Friends foster home. Coincidental! They started to feed me and all the dots were connected and my old shelter was moved to this new spot, but you know what I really wanted? I wanted to try inside life again. It was now winter and my ears got shorter and I just couldn’t handle all the cat competition anymore. I asked Furever Friends if they could try me inside once more. They said yes!


I want to try a home of my own. I'm fully vetted (spayed, blood tested, vaccinated and tattooed). I want to be petted. I love to chat at and with you when you talk to me. Just call my name and I start to talk and talk. It feels so good to tell you all how happy I am...still scared, but totally happy. I know I don’t have much of a chance of getting adopted, I got a lot of things that are not on my side, but could you give me a chance?

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