Birth Date: July 9, 2019

Gender: Female

Coat: Short hair, White with orange spots

Hello, my name is Emmeline. I’m told it’s because a beautiful cat like me needs a beautiful name.   I’ve never seen myself, so I don’t know if I’m beautiful; but I did make some beautiful babies.  


Our story started off on a farm in the cold of Fall. I was trying my best to take care of my family, but keeping everyone warm and fed was so very hard in those conditions. That’s when Furever Friends took us in and all my worries disappeared. I had a warm place for my family and help keeping my babies’ tummies full. I felt so safe, I slept and slept. Soon I was able to take over mama duties again. Now my babies are ready for their own human families and I’ve had something called a “spay”, so I’m ready to be someone else’s “baby” for a change.  


I enjoy the quiet life. Quiet dogs and quiet cats are okay, but I need a break from rowdies. Although I am not overly fond of being carried around, I am learning to love laps and short snuggles. I absolutely love my head and chin rubbed and if I roll over please rub my belly too ... I like that! One of my very favourite things to do is sit in the sun by the window and bird watch.  My foster family tells me I’m gentle and sweet and I’ll get to live safe and warm inside from now on. Would you like to share your home with a lovely lady like me?

Vetting: Blood tested, treated, spayed, vaccinated & tattooed

Adoption Fee: $80