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Birth Date: May 30, 2016

Sex: Male

Coat: Shorthair, Black

Highlight: Well behaved!

Likes: His brother Tundra, head pets, and cat treats

Dislikes: Dogs and young children

Adoption Fee: $60

Hi, my name is Forest.

I was rescued as a kitten by Furever Friends. My momma knew we needed to eat and although she was feral, she took us kittens to the pound. That’s right, my mom loved us enough to put us, and herself, in captivity. Best day of our life, but we did not think that right away! We fought the volunteers, but you would never know now that we were wild lol. All of us are total sweeties! Snuggly, cuddly rolly pollies! Our foster mom socialized us to pieces! We love you Meghan!!!


My brother Tundra and I were adopted together to a lady that did not follow the recommendations of FFCR about cat health. She gave us huge dog bowls of cheap, calorie-filled kibble. It only took 2 years for me and Tundra to become very overweight. I am on a diet and losing the pounds much faster than Tundra, but I got a flap! It is a bald belly flap. I hope you will love me anyway when you adopt me. We ended up back with FFCR because they are committed for life!


The Furever Friends volunteer told me that they will find a good home for me, hopefully together with Tundra. I am ready to be adopted again, my brother Tundra is feeling much better too. He was way more sick than me. He almost died! We are now healthier, but nothing has changed about how snuggly, and playful we are. Our new foster mom thinks we are the best cats ever. We are well behaved, content, quirky and sweet. You just gotta fill out the adoption application to meet us. Then you are going to love us too!

Forest is fully vetted and available for adoption. He would like a home that can help him with weight management, that can accommodate his food allergies and afford his diet. A home without dogs, but preferably with his brother, Tundra, or the very least, some other cats.

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