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Birth Date: August 29, 2022

Sex: Male

Coat: Shorthair, black and white

Highlight: His big white whiskers and even bigger purr!

Likes: Churu treats, nighttime snuggle, giving kisses, cats and dogs (with a slow introduction)

Dislikes: Being alone

Adoption Fee: $100

Habanero here! Or just Beni for short, if you prefer.


You've probably read all about my sister, Jalapeño, already. How our feral mom raised us as fierce outside kittens, but we were trapped and earned our spicy names with all of our hissing and carrying on. In her version of the story mshe’s the tough one, but if you know anything about peppers you know Habaneros are 100 times hotter than Jalapeños -  and I was no exception.


While Jalapeño was all about the hissy dramatics, my threats came with some actual bite - if those humans tried to touch me. Just ask my foster mom. The first time we met, my teeth and I showed her who’s boss! While Jalapeño was falling for all that human bribery with toys and treats and such, I held back. Mom said we couldn’t trust humans and I intended to listen to my mom.  


I have to admit though, this pate food is good stuff and hey a guys gotta eat! I observed my sister from afar. First, she started sitting on laps, purring, then she even started coming when they called her. What was going on?


One day I decided she needed an intervention. I confronted her and she told me a little secret … mom was wrong, the humans are more than just can openers, they actually love us! Ummm, that’s not what mom said?!? My sister suggested I just give them a chance. So I did. One day I walked up to the human with my tail in a question mark and chirped at her. She lifted me up and gave me a big snuggle and the rest is history. Suddenly, I started running even faster than my sister when called, I was always the first on the laps for TV time and I made sure to get the best spot on the bed … snuggled right by my foster mom’s heart.


You’ll be pleased to know that the only thing I use my teeth for now is for crunching treats. My foster mom told me that Habanero peppers start off green but change to vibrant shades of red and orange. It's okay to change as we grow and now I’m ripe and ready for a special family to pick me.

Habanero is fully vetted and available for adoption.

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