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Birth Date: September, 2020

Sex: Female

Coat: Grey and white

Highlight: Deserves a chance at a home

Likes: Cats and people of all ages

Dislikes: Snow, wind, frost and dogs

Adoption Fee: $100

Hi, my name is Harriet.

I was in really, really rough shape when I was rescued. I was sick, freezing, starving and wounded! I thought to myself 'if someone doesn’t help me soon, I'm going to die!' So, I kick started my own rescue by jumping into someone's car at their workplace and I absolutely refused to get out. 

I was asked nicely to get out…I said “nope”. It started to get a little more aggressive...“get out of the car cat!” I was determined to stay inside that car! “Look at my ears” I meowed back to the human. “Just look at my skinny body and all these scratches all over from fighting with other cats just trying to get a meal. Just look at my frostbitten damaged ears and find it in your heart to help me.” 

This was life or death for me. I was battling an upper respiratory infection and losing. The human finally said “ok, let’s find you some help.” We drove away. That would be a great ending if that human would have kept me, but I ended up being surrendered to Kat’s Kritters Rescue. 

I made a full recovery at the rescue with lots of TLC and medication. Now it's time to get adopted! I would like a home with humans because they are great! Even with my bad experience of being abandoned in the winter, I still love them. There are plenty of good ones and I show them tons of affection. I also love cats that are friendly to other cats. I like to play with both people and cats, but dogs are the worst! Please…no applications from homes with dogs…yuck!

I have been fully vetted including my spay and I'm ready to find a home. I'm looking for a family who will love my awesome personality and doesn’t care that part of my ears are missing. If you are all about looks, you're missing out on some of the best cats in the rescue. Hopefully, I'll find a family soon!

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