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Birth Date: September 29, 2016

Sex: Female

Coat: Shorthair, grey and white mackerel tabby

Highlight: Sweet and spicy!

Likes: People, fish, catnip, raw cat food

Dislikes: DOGS, CATS, young children, crying babies

Adoption Fee: $100


My name is Kodiak but you can call me whatever you want. I'm very smart and would learn any new name quickly. I learn house rules quickly, too. Just a little positive reinforcement goes a really long way with me.

I'm a more mature cat…probably the reason I'm very intelligent and easily retain instructions from my foster families. By adopting me you can avoid those young kitten antics where your curtains get shredded, plants become chew toys and your pillow is a pounce toy at 3:00am. I'll sleep through the night. Going to bed when you do and getting up with you. I might even stay in bed for a few extra minutes. Don’t get me wrong…I'm not lazy and I still LOVE to play! Any game that has a hunting aspect I find incredibly interesting and catching the wand, mouse or whatever we are playing with is so very satisfying. You'll see my eyes get huge at the pleasure I take in hunting toy mice! I also love catnip! Toys filled with nip will be pulled apart so I can get at the tasty green center.

I was a little kitten when I was rescued by Furever Friends. I grew my confidence and trust in people as I grew longer legs for running and playing. I quickly got noticed and subsequently adopted by a family. I had a great life. I was the only cat in the home and let’s just say I got pretty spoiled. There was a toy box full of toys, nice tall scratch trees, treats and lots of attention. Life was grand. Although sometimes my inquisitive nature got me in trouble. I also thought my humans didn’t give me enough treats, so I'd often find my own. I learned how to open cupboards and containers. I grew up to be a very smart girl, so smart that my humans taught me how to play fetch. That was my favourite game, especially with those bouncy sponge balls.
Then life changed a bit and I found myself living with just my cat dad. Which was okay because I really loved him. Life continued with me telling cat dad I needed more food, staring down the squirrels who dared come in my yard and emptying the toy box everyday.

Plot twist, life changed again for me and I found myself moving to a new home with cat dad and then a new person, too. Let me tell you...that was too many changes for me! The new house smelled like dogs! Ewww, I didn't like that. I tried to tell cat dad nicely that the smell of other animals, particularly dogs, and the move was too stressful for me. Cat dad tried to help me adjust, but it just wasn’t working and he gave me back to the rescue. Once I was back with Furever Friends, they de-stressed me and helped me adjust. I feel much more relaxed. The daily anti-anxiety meds are working great, too!

I'm considered fully recovered from mental health issues and ready for a second chance at a happy life again.
I hope you have a big tall scratcher and a box full of toys! Oh and most importantly…no dogs…or cats, I don't like them either! I like to be the only special furry thing in your life.

Kodiak is fully vetted and available for adoption.

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