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Birth Date: October 20, 2022

Sex: Male

Coat: Shorthair, black

Highlight: A black shadow that loves to keep you company everywhere you go!

Likes: Being a lap blanket, snuggling in bed during the night, cat friendly dogs and wet cat food

Dislikes: Vet trips

Adoption Fee: $100

It’s a me … Mario!


My story starts when my brother Luigi and I were wandering around looking for odd plumbing jobs. Broke and destitute, we stumbled upon a kingdom. It wasn't mushroom kingdom but it was cold and a storm was coming, so it would have to do.


Luigi and I were able to avoid the majority of what looked like Bowser's castle by living under the front porch. We were surviving by the skin of our teeth, the only problem was our teeth were literally wasting away in our mouths Just when I thought we had used up all our lives we found a power up … food started appearing out of nowhere. We started to gain strength which we needed if we were going to beat Bowser, who I suspected lived in the big castle.


Then one day Luigi disappeared. Was is koopas? Was it goombas? Or worse yet, Bowser? I didn’t know but I needed to get my brother back. I found what appeared to be a portal with the smell of food wafting through it. Knowing my brother’s stomach, I was sure that’s where he went and I would need to I went for it!


Mama mia the portal entrance snapped shut … it was Bowser’s trap. I found myself in an entirely new kingdom! It was warm, there was food and there was my brother!! It wasn't Bowser in the castle, it was Princess Peach! We were saved! Our fight was far from over though. We had to go to another kingdom called the vet and left without most of our teeth! Who needs those anyways when you get wet food everyday? With the daily power ups of food and love from Princess Peach, we got all of our 9 lives back and are ready for a new level called our furever home!

Mario is fully vetted and available for adoption.

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