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Birth Date: April 4, 2016

Sex: Male

Coat: Shorthair, grey and white tabby

Highlight: Special care required. Must have cat experience.

Likes: Cats with a slow introduction, calm children and cat nip

Dislikes: Crying babies, barking dogs, and high stress environments

Adoption Fee: $80

Hi,  my name is Milton.


I'm an emotionally sensitive cat. Whatever YOU are feeling is reflected back in MY emotions. If you're sad I will be sad, too. If you're happy I will be ecstatic! If you're scared…I will be the most nervous wreak in the whole room! I need a home with relaxed people so that I can find that chill vibe, too. 

Being an empathetic animal is hard with all the emotions people leave laying around! To distract myself, I like to colour, draw, paint, and even do homework. Anything you or your family is doing at the table, can you please pull up a chair for me so that I can join in, too? I'll sit nicely at the table and only sometimes get the urge to swipe all the pencil crayons to the floor, just to watch them fall.

I also like to watch movies with everyone, but don’t get up for popcorn because your warm spot will be too irresistible for me! But, I'm willing to share the warm spot with my favourite people. I also really enjoy bath time. I'll keep any bathers company by laying on the bath mat for the whole time. Keeping you safe from those dangerous rubber ducks! I'll hunt your toy mice, sit contently on your lap and be the best boy you ever had!

I was born while in rescue and have had 3 failed adoptions. My first adoptive family was an abusive relationship and I'm glad to have gotten out of there! It left me feeling raw with emotions and a little nervous in general. My next family was great, but stressful…I got sick with a UTI and it developed into crystals and they returned me to the rescue for ongoing care. My third adoption was the hardest to leave. I'd been with this family for years. I'm sad…devastated actually, and now require medication for depression. 

I get frequent UTI’s from nerves. I'm on special food to prevent crystals. My condition can be greatly improved with a relaxed environment. Which is exactly what I'm looking for. A quiet, peaceful place with plenty of litter boxes! I'm a friendly, affectionate cat. I really just want to be loved by a family that will cherish me as much as I do them. 

I've been completely vetted, including a neuter, up-to-date vaccinations, all treatments, and my vet has given me the okay to try looking for a family again. I feel I'm ready for a home. I hope this one will be my furever home. I was a good boy, but sometimes it just doesn’t work out. I can’t help feeling rejected though, so I promise to be your best boy ever!

Milton is fully vetted and available for adoption. He is a big love bug and we really hope to find him the perfect match. Cat experience is a must, along with a patient, loving heart and a desire to go that extra mile for a furry friend who just wants a calm, peaceful home and someone to love.

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