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Birth Date: April 11, 2020

Sex: Male

Coat: Shorthair, brown striped tabby

Highlight: Teddy bear lover boy

Likes: Cats, dogs, people of all ages, canned cat food, snuggles

Dislikes: Vacuum cleaning

Adoption Fee: $100

Hello, all you cat lovers out there!

My name is Tabio and I'm a 100% fabulous tabby cat!

Do you need a hug today? Perhaps a face smash to make your day? Well, I'm your boy! I love to stretch out from your lap to give you a face rub. I'll kiss each of your fingers and guide your hand back to petting me. It'll help lower your blood pressure, just petting me. Cuddles and snuggles are my strength!

I appreciate the inside life though I'm still getting used to living in a house. A slow introduction to your home is what is best for me. Don’t worry…I don’t mind a safe room to myself while I associate myself with your space and pets. 
I'll be friends with your cats and if you have a calm dog…I can work with that, but active dogs make me very uncomfortable and super nervous. When I get nervous, I have some behaviour issues but I have not needed my medication for awhile now. I know I would remain a good boy in a calm house with plenty of positive reassurance. Is that your place?

I'm looking for a home…a real home after living in a feral shelter this past winter. It was snowing when I showed up in Altona. I got lucky and found a heated shelter. I didn't lose any of my ears because of that well placed heated box, but the feral cat living in there didn't like sharing with me. We had some fights. We were evenly matched! Sometimes I would get to sleep in it and sometimes he did, but once spring came I was trapped…like an animal! Scooped up by the rescue and off to the vet for neutering. Now I don’t feel like fighting. I'm just a big ole lover boy!

Foster homes are wonderful! Just saying. I really enjoy the inside life. Pick me for your family!

Tabio is fully vetted and available for adoption.

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