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Birth Date: July 18, 2022

Sex: Male

Coat: Shorthair, tuxedo

Highlight: Curious and fearless!

Likes: Cats, people, food, toys, laps, snuggles

Dislikes: Dogs (okay with cat savvy dogs), young children, busy homes

Adoption Fee: $100

Hi! My name is Teller!

I was planning a robbery of the Altona Credit Union…desperate times, ya know? I was hungry, cold, and I needed some fast cash to buy some food and warmth in the middle of winter. I had plenty of time to stake the place out because I was abandoned in the parking lot. I knew exactly when the money was delivered and when the least amount of people were around. I had it all planned because I'm a Tuxedo Cat and we are known for our intelligence. I was just gonna steal enough for a couple of cases of Friskies canned cat food and to buy myself a little house. 

I was so cold waiting for the perfect moment to pull off my bank heist, sitting there shivering in the parking lot, when a snowstorm rolled in. I had to put my plans on hold to find a place out of the elements! I tried to find shelter under a couple of decks in the area but nothing was suitable to save my ears. I looked in a few windows to see if anyone would let me in, but no one was willing to help.

And then, like winning a lottery, I found a feral cat shelter! A little house, much smaller than the one I'm going to buy after my robbery, but it was warm! And some free food at pretty regular intervals! I stayed in this little shelter for days while the storm raged around me. I only came out to eat and stake out the Credit Union. Oh, I still had some much bigger plans! 

I didn't know it, but I was being watched. Both by the feral cat whose shelter I “borrowed” and a tiny little camera monitored by a cat rescue. Seemed the feral cat didn't like me using his shelter and turned me in! Told the authorities about my big plan to rob the Credit Union and about the theft of his shelter and I ended up in cat jail - aka “the pound”. Well, the local cat rescue that had been watching me had some plans of their own and I got out on bail pretty quickly! They got me all vetted and then sent me off to a foster home.

It's pretty good here...I have toys, food, a big house to run and play in. People to cuddle and animals to snuggle. I love it! They tell me it gets even better because I'll have a family of my own one day! I'm a curious kitty without much fear of anything, so I think I'll fit in just fine pretty much anywhere!

I'd definitely love some cat buddies to play with because I'm an active and fit cat. Kept my great physical condition in "lock up". A few of my favourite workout items are spring toys, laser pointer and wand toys. But if those other cats don’t like to workout as much as me, I'm fine playing on my own, long as there is a lap to lay on after. 

I've no need to resort to crime anymore. I promise I have changed my ways. In fact, I won't steal any of your people food, though I might still sniff everything on the counter at night. But, you can’t blame me for having a back up plan…right?

Teller is adoption pending.

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