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Birth Date: August 23, 2021

Sex: Female

Coat: Medium length hair, White and black

Highlight: Super sweet with a gentle nature

Likes: Cats, sparkly toys, all cat food!

Dislikes: Young children, vacuuming, dogs (cautious but curious about dogs)

Adoption Fee: $100

Hi,  I'm Tink!

I'm mostly a sweet little cat. My foster family says I'm "absolutely adorable". That's so sweet because I love them, too! Though sometimes I get scared at loud noise and fast moving things, I might even give a little hiss. But, mostly I'm sweet, cuddly and very playful.

My bashfulness comes from the trauma I suffered. I rode under the motor hood like so many other cats have done before me, but I don't know what happened to my cat gracefulness upon dismount! It was like when you stay too long on the escalator and you kinda feel like your feet are going to be sucked in, so you make this very un-coordinated step but you're still moving so you end up just kind of tripping off at the end and almost falling. You know what I am talking about…I know you do…well, that's what happened to me! I ended up pretty much pulling my leg right out of the socket.

I found myself in the cold, in a very unfamiliar place. I had no idea what to do. For a couple of days I just sat there hoping my ride was coming back. Hungry, hurt and cold, I limped to a place where I felt a little warmth. I sat in front of the garage door where I could feel a little heat by the crack. All of a sudden a car pulled up. My ride back to the farm??? Nope! I hunkered down, very scared, but I was spotted even though I kind of looked like a chunk of snow. Someone came right over and asked where I had come from and picked me up and brought me inside…oh sweet warmth. By now I was just skin and bones!

I hope you can appreciate this was all very, very emotionally and physically traumatizing for me and hopefully my shy cautious side will diminish as trust builds again. My sweet side comes out all the time though! Especially when I'm snuggling on a warm blanket with my foster family. I'm also sweet and loving every time I feel safe, which is a lot these days! When I'm on your lap, I purr like crazy and I love the head rubs my foster family gives me. I also love running and wrestling with the other foster cats. When the shiny toy wand comes out, I become very brave! It's my favourite game! Once I'm adopted, I hope to play fun games with my new family, too.

Tink is fully vetted and ready for adoption.

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