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Birth Date: January 2, 2020

Sex: Male

Coat: Shorthair, Orange

Highlight: Confidence is the colour orange!

Likes: Children, cat nip

Dislikes: Dogs, cats

Adoption Fee: $80

Hi, my name is Toby.

I was brought to the vet after a home neuter job gone bad. Yep, it was as awful as it sounds… an infected scrotal sack with my testicles being squeezed by some metal ring device that was not really doing its job. Thank goodness I was brought to the vet, professionals that do neuter surgeries every day - they don’t go to school for 7 years for nothing! They know what they're doing at the Winkler Vet Clinic!

They cut that tight nasty ring off and gave me a real neuter, but I still had a little fluff ball hanging on back there. They said it would probably take a few weeks for it to fall off, eventually it did. Everyone was a little grossed out by the fuzzy nugget I left behind…but I felt so much better! The Pet Valu staff found that little treasure! Did I mention I got to be the Store Cat for awhile at Winkler Pet Valu! It was a pretty good job. I learned some very valuable lessons at Pet Valu. 

Lesson #1: Meat jerky stix are for dogs. They say "good for teeth". I found out they're only good for "upset stomach".

Lesson #2: Customers are not toys! You shouldn't hide behind bags of food and attack customers when they reach for the product. Apparently this scares them.

Lesson #3: Beta fish are not that much fun! When I scooped one out of the water bowl to play, it just flipped around on the floor. I licked it. It didn't taste good either…no good as a playmate or for dinner…boring! The most fun was everyone scrambling to put that guy back in the water. Shortly after that day I was moved to a foster home. He was fine.

So now I'm without a job, and without fuzzy nuggets! I'm looking for something to occupy that open space in my life. Perhaps you need some company? I'm really good at that! I love to be where you are, cuddles are very nice! Just fill out one of the application forms and we could be best friends and play buddies forever.

Toby is fully vetted ready for adoption.

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