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Birth Date: May 30, 2016

Sex: Male

Coat: Shorthair, Brown stripped tabby

Highlight: Likes to sit in your lap like a baby!

Likes: His brother Forest, screened patios for bird watching, and cat treats

Dislikes: Young children and dogs

Adoption Fee: $60

Hi, my name is Tundra.

I just want to say right away that I am on a diet and I am losing weight, but for a while I was in critical care. My story starts when I was rescued as a kitten by Furever Friends. My momma was desperate to feed us and actually got tricked into the local pound, lured by food. All of us were vetted, and sent to a foster home for socialization. We all did real good turning into regular snuggly, playful cats, with love and care from our foster mom.


My brother Forest and I were adopted together to a lady that did not follow the recommendations of FFCR about cat health and gave us huge dog bowls of cheap, calorie-filled kibble. It only took 2 years for me to get very sick. When she moved, she left us behind and Furever Friends came and got us again. They cried at our condition. They were extremely sad to see how fat and unhealthy we were. We had never even been to the vet since adoption! The Furever Friends volunteers told me that is was going to be alright now, they would help; but I had to go to the vet right away. I had crystals, a UTI, I was peeing blood! They gave me medication and a special diet, but I was critical! One blockage and I was gonna be a gonner!


Once again a great foster home started me on the road to recovery and guess what...I am ready to be adopted again! My brother Forest is too, in case you want 2 ‘Chonky Bois’! We are healthy, snuggly, playful. Our foster mom thinks we are the best cats ever. We are well behaved and content. I like to sit like a baby in your lap and nap under the coffee table. I am quirky and sweet. I am pretty sure we will love each other, you just gotta fill out the adoption application. 

Tundra is fully vetted and available for adoption. He would like a home that can help him with weight management, that can accommodate his food allergies and afford his diet. A home without dogs, but preferably with his brother, Forest, or the very least, some other cats.

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